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Plain Roller Pressing In Press Section

Press roll is used in press section of paper making machine, and its main effect is improve dewatering efficiency and paper quality. Plain roller pressing is the one of press method, which is used in both ordinary pressing and positive pressing. The structure of plain roller pressing: upper roller is stone roller, lower roller is rubber roller, both rollers have flat and smooth roller surface.

The Stone Roller Of Upper Roller

Stone roller is a common plain pressing roller, which is usually made of materials that are easy to peel off from paper, and mostly is granite. But noe most people use artificial stone made of rubber and quartz sand instead of natural granite as upper press roller.

The Rubber Roller Of Lower Roller

The lower roller of plain roller pressing is a rubberized cast iron roll. In addition to providing the corrosion resistance of press roller, the more important is to offer good elasticity to ease the pressing effect of upper roller on the wet paper and felt, so extending service life of felt.

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