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Pressure Screen Model Choose for Paper Plant


Pressure Screen is the necessary and main pulp processing equipment which is used in pulp and paper industry. Leizhan group manufacture high technology Pressure screen paper plant machine for pulp processing. Leizhan engineers helps to choose the most suitable Pressure Screen type for meeting different demands of paper plants.

How to choose suitable Pressure Screen for paper plants?

The types of paper plant pressure screen is decided by the production capacity of our company pressure screen. Take NLS3 inflow pressure screen as example, its opening ratio is 7.04%, pulp consistency is 0.5~0.7%, screen area is 3.3㎡, the pulp flow speed pass through Screen basket is 1.8m/s. With this Leizhan engineer can work out throughout capacity of fine pulp  per day, it is 180~220 t/d.

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