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Pulp Gravity Cylinder Thickener Equipment


Gravity Cylinder Thickener is the pulp thickener equipment for pulp thickening in paper pulping process, there are some details about gravity cylinder thickener equipment.

Gravity Cylinder Thickener Technical Data

Accepts ability: 40~50BDT/D

Stock inlet concentration: 0.5~1.0%

Stock outlet concentration:4~6%

Raw material: Waste paper or OCC etc

Gravity Cylinder Thickener Structure

Tank Body: Material is Q235

Wheel Spoke: Material is cast stainless steel

Main Shaft: Material is 40Cr

Screen Plate: Material is polyethylene

Rubber Roll: Inside is seamless steel pipe, outside encapsulation is 25mm

Rack: Material is Q235 group welding

Spray Water Pipe: Material is 304 stainless steel

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