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Pulp Vibrating Screen Equipment

Pulp Vibrating Screen Equipment

Vibrating Screen Equipment is developed according to foreign equipment, mainly used for screening and removing various impurities in paper pulping process.The machine design is reasonable, strong screening ability, and self-cleaning effect, high efficiency, energy saving, small noise, easy maintenance.

Vibrating Screen Equipment Structure

Vibrating Screen Equipment consists of screen body, vibration exciter, damper spring, slurry storage tank, spray pipe, elastic coupling and other components.

Screen body: Be composed of screen frame, screen plate and gas-sealed chamber. And the whole screen body is supported on four spring dampers.

Vibration exciter: Consist of an eccentric block mounted on the spindle and bearing, and is bolted to the center of gravity of the screen frame.

Elastic coupling: The motor drives the spindle through the elastic coupling, and the eccentric block makes the screen to vibrate.

Slurry storage tank: The tank is equipped with sluice to adjust the slurry level,by adjusting the slurry level, the slurry liquor submerged lower air seal chamber to form gas seal.

Vibrating Screen Equipment Feature

Equipment is equipped with feed dilution stable gas box, inlet pulp concentration flow stable

The lower part of the screen plate is designed with air-sealed box, with self-cleaning function

Eccentric rotor built into the excitation device, safe and durable

Screen part is equipped with water injection device, is conducive to fiber recycling

Low Power consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance

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