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Pulper Equipment High Consistency Hydrapulper

The high consistency hydrapulper is mainly applied to separate waste paper and ink at high consistency during the waste paper deinking process. The hydrapulper can be applied in tissue paper and cultural paper production lines. Our company’s high consistency hydrapulper has the advantages of low cost and perfect effect for paper mill projects.

Hydrapulper Specification

1. Function
Mainly applied for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.
2. Details
Type: ZDSG series
Consistency: 10 – 15%
Production capacity: 20 – 260t/d
3.Advantages: less price than others, remarkable effect, low energy consumption, low maintenance, easy operation, etc.

Our high consistency hydrapulper can be applied in packaging/tissue/cultural paper production lines, which have been installed in many paper mill projects so far.

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