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Pulping Equipment Slag Lifting Machine

To make better paper, the quality of the pulp must be ensured. For this purpose, our company offers pulping equipment slag lifting machine, which can lifting the heavy impurities discharged from high density cleaner and low density cleaner. It can be applied in various paper production lines to obtain qualified pulp.

Slag Lifting Machine Brife Introduction

Working Principle:The impurities subside in the feed hopper, and the impurities are sent to the discharge port by the internal rotating screw, finally discharged to the slag tank.
Diameter Of Helix: 260-360mm
Motor Power: 0.75-1.1kw
Processing Capacity: 9-16m³/h
Lifting Angle: 25°
Material: Feed hopper, shell and helix is 304 stainless steel, support is Q235 group welding

Lei Zhan has been engaged in the papermaking industry for over 40 years. We are always at the forefront of the pulp and paper industry. Our company’s pulp equipment and papermaking machinery have been sold to hundreds of countries. For more detailed information about slag lifting machine, you are welcome to contact us when you are free.
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