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Pulping In Paper Making Project

Among pulping equipment, there are several device for pulp making, which is screening, slag removal, pulping and refining equipment. These pulp machines are applied to different places in the pulping line, here let’s discuss the pulping process in paper making.

Pulping Process

1. The main craft parameters need to be controlled in pulping process are pulping concentration, time, etc. The pulping concentration and time determine spalling degree of slurry.

2. When water is added during pulping, accumulate and calculate the flow rate measured by flow meter, and according to the formula of adding water quantity = (dry amount of pulp plate weight x pulp plate)/ concentration pulp plate weight to confirm the water quantity of pulping.

3. When slurry plate is in the activated broken pulp tank and the accumulated flow amount is equal to the water adding amount of pulping, closing the water adding automatic valve, and start count the pulping time, and this can be realized easily by timer or DCS program.

4. When reaching the set time, open automatic valve to add water until the cumulative flow rate is equal to the amount of water added to the pulping, and draw pulp at the same time, so that stable concentration of slurry can be obtained in pulp chest.

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