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Structure Of Drum Pulper

Structure Of Drum Pulper

Drum Pulper is mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency, it mainly can devides into preliminary part, pulp part and screen part.

Structure Of Drum Pulper

Pre-soaking Part: Raw material of waste paper are conveyed into pre-soaking part by chain conveyor for soaking, then wet raw material be gotten into pulp part.

Pulping Part: With rotating of barrel, Waste paper will be lifted to the top of barrel and fall down the barrel bottom, after several times pulping and knead, waste paper are broken into pulp.

Screening Part: Pulping will be washing and diluting by water spray pipe, then qualified pulp can pass sieve hole and flow into pulp chest smoothly , heavy impurities wil be outlet from slag discharge.

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