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Vacuum Pump For Papermaking Line

Vacuum pump is a kind of rotating variable volume vacuum pump, which must be combined with the front stage pump in order to have a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range. In the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil not only acts as a medium for obtaining vacuum, but also lubricates, cools and seals the mechanical friction point.

Main Performance Requirements Of Vacuum Pump Oil

1. Very low vapor pressure. Which is the most important performance of vacuum pump oil.

2. Suitable viscosity. That is because the internal volume of vacuum pump chamber is constantly changing to form an exhausting effect.

3. Good thermal oxidation stability. The high-speed friction of sliding vane and pump makes oil temperature rise and the oil is easy to be oxidized and decomposed.

4. Higher flash point. It is mainly required that the light component is not carried in vacuum pump so as not to affect the saturated vapor pressure of oil.

5. Lower limit pressure. The limit pressure is the important use performance index of vacuum pump oil to understand the limit pressure of vacuum pump at the lowest vacuum limit pressure.

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