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Waste Paper Recycling


Waste paper recycling is a process that make the waste paper into useful paper, all kinds of processing need for waste paper in the recycling process, so what is the waste paper recycling?

The Recycling Process

First, the waste paper will be soaked and beat into pulp, then the pulp goes through a cleaning process in order to remove some impurities in the pulp. After that a deinking process is necessary to remove printing inks. Then, the pulp is bleached in order to make white paper. Finally, the pulp is pressed into paper sheets.

Paper Recycling Advantages

Paper recycling has an great effect on environment protection. Firstly, recycling paper utilizes less water and energy than creating paper from virgin trees. Secondly, recycling paper causes less water and air pollution. Secondly, recycling paper can enhance the sustainable use of resources.

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