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Most Important Factor Affecting Paper Properties

There is no doubt that the moisture in the paper is undoubtedly the most important factor affecting the paper, and it is the most easily overlooked. When the paper is exposed to the atmosphere, it absorbs or desorbs water until it reaches equilibrium moisture.

The Effect Of Moisture On Paper

1. In some cases, moisture is calculated as a percentage of the dry mass of the solids in the sheet. The former is said to be air-dried and the latter is called dry.

2. The air in the oven that controls the temperature of 105 °C still contains a small amount of moisture, depending on the temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere. But this is a small error in determining the moisture content of the paper.

3. Almost all paper properties are affected by the moisture content of the paper. Due to these effects, most paper tests are performed under controlled ambient humidity. It is only under the same conditions that the relationship between the properties of paper strength and moisture is reflected.

The moisture is really an significant factor that influences paper property, which is also be noted by paper workers, so that the good quality paper can be manufactured.

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