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150T/D Corrugated Paper Pulp Making Line Delivery

Iranian customers have a new 150t/d corrugated paper project. After the deep consideration and comparison, they decided to buy our pulp making line machine.

For this delivery, we keep our words according to the contract. In addition, we have full corrugated paper production line machine for sale.

Some Information Of 150T Corrugated Paper Pulp Making Line Delivery

1. Project name: 150t/d corrugated paper project
2. Delivered time: July, 2020
3. Shipped machine: chain conveyor, impurity separator, reject separator, dry broke pulper, slag lifting machine, M.C. pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, high density cleaner, low density cleaner, agitator, the part device of drum pulper and support accessories, etc.

Our 150t/d corrugated paper pulp making line can help you save energy and get more benefits. The process is more simple than others. In this line, the machine all have stable operation and reduce maintenance.

Welcome to contact us for more details about our machine, or this delivery. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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