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220TPD T-Paper Making Project, Vietnam


In January, 2018, for 220tpd t-paper making project, Vietnam, Leizhan deliver the 25m3 D-type hydrapulper, high density cleaner, low density cleaner, pulp pump and fractionating screen equipment. Actually, Vietnam paper industry order Leizhan the complete paper pulping equipment, this deliver equipment also has m.c. pressure screen, chain conveyor, vibrating screen, light impurity separator, chest agitator and so on.

Paper Pulping Process

Firstly, the raw material will be conveyed into D-type hydrapulper for paper pulping by chain conveyor, then the pulp will go into high density cleaner for pulp cleaning, after cleaning, the pulp will go into coarse and fine pressure screen stage and low density cleaning system, after screening, the pulp will go through refiner equipment and finally into pre-machine pressure screen equipment for final screening, then the fine pulp will be conveyed into paper machine for paper making.

Customer Information

Customer: Vietnam

Time: January, 2018

Project: 220TPD T-Paper Making Project

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