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450TPD Corrugated Paper Making In Jiangxi Paper Mill


Recently, For 450tpd corrugated paper making in Jiangxi paper mill, Leizhan once again deliver the pulp screening equipment to Jiangxi, China. The equipment mainly contains 3.0 middle coarse pressure, 4.0 middle fine pressure screen and so on.

Pulp Coarse And Fine Screening Equipment

1. Coarse screening equipment is screen hole of screen basket; Fine screening equipment is screen slot of screen basket.

2. Coarse screening equipment is equipped with heavy impurities discharge port, but the fine screen equipment haven’t.

3. Coarse screening equipment used in coarse screen stage; Fine screening equipment used in fine screen stage.

4m2 Middle Fine Pressure Screen Equipment

Screen Area: 4m2

Screen Hole Size: 0.10-0.55mm

Production Capacity: 350-730t/d

Inlet Pulp Consistency: 1-4%

Motor Power: 132-280kw

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi Paper Mill

Time: September, 2017

Project: 450TPD Corrugated Paper Making Project

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