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60T/D Kraft Fluting Paper Mill Machinery

In Africa, customers adopted our 60t/d kraft fluting paper mill machinery. Our whole paper pulping line equipment, stock preparation system are widely used in paper mkaing line.

60T/D Kraft Fluting Paper Mill Machinery Delivery

Ordered machine: Chain conveyor, high density cleaner, double disc refiner, inflow pressure screen, grapple, M.C. pressure screen, reject separator, agitator, inclined screen, pulp pump, etc.
Delivery equipment: high density cleaner, pulp pump, electric control cabinet, motor, etc.
Date: Mar 24th, 2021
Paper project: kraft paper making line, corrugated fluting paper production line
Production capacity: 60t/d

Our kraft fluting paper mill machinery has the advantages of saving energy, reducing maintenance, improving efficiency, and less cost. As a manufacturer, we have professional technology and responsive service.

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