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Drum Pulper Equipment To Egypt Paper Mill


In September, 2017, the 304 stainless steel drum pulper equipment contacting with pulp is delivered to Egypt paper mill for 150t/d corrugated/ whiteboard/ kraft paper making project. The other equipment M.C. Pressure screen, high-speed stock washer, pulp pump and so on have delivered to Egypt for 150t/d corrugated, whiteboard, kraft paper making.

Drum Pulper Equipment Work Principle

The drum pulper mainly can divide into three parts: Pre-soaking Part, Pulping Part, Screening Part

Firstly, the raw material will be send to drum pulper pre-soaking part for fully soaking into water. Then the wet raw material will into drum pulper pulping part, with the drum pulper constant rotation, the wet raw material will be lifting and falling down, and the raw material will be separated into fiber. Finally, the fiber go into the drum pulper screening part, with the washing of water spray pipe, the fine pulp will go through the screen hole into pulp chest, and the impurities will be continuous washed, finally discharged from discharge port.

Drum Pulper Technology Data

Type: ZG2750

Drum Diameter: Φ2750

Production Capacity: 140-200t/d

Working Consistency: 14-18%

Motor Power: 160-200kw

Customer Information

Customer: Egypt

Time: September, 2017

Project: Drum Pulper For 150T/D Corrugated/ Whiteboard/ Kraft Paper Making Project

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