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Paper Mill Machinery Manufacturer Supplier

A large paper mill produce various kinds of paper, specialty paper, grey board paper, coating white board paper, corrugated paper and kraft paper. With our professional technology and great reputation, customers ordered our paper pulping machinery.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we provide whole set of equipment for paper making in paper industry, including paper pulp production line and paper machine. This delivery details are as follows.

Paper Mill Machinery Delivery & Manufacturer Supplier Information

1. Paper pulping equipment delivery
Shipment time: Mar 5, 2021
Delivery machine: drum pulper. chain conveyor, high density cleaner and accessories.
2. Leizhan manufacturer
We are devoted to providing all kind of equipment for paper mill with 40 years. Every machine from us is certifited with ISO, CE, etc.

Over these years, more and more people has adopted our paper mill machinery. If you need the quotation and more information of leizhan manufacturer supplier, welcome to contact us.

Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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