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Shanxi 300TPD Corrugated Paper Making Project


In March, 2018, Leizhan paper pulping equipment are delivered for Shanxi 300tpd corrugated paper making project, this deliver contains 30m3 D-type hydrapulper, reject separator, m.c. pressure screen and so on.

In fact, for 300tpd corrugated paper making, Shanxi paper industry also purchase Leizhan chain conveyor, high density cleaner, coarse and fine pressure screen equipment, fiber separator, chest agitator and so on.

30m3 D-Type Hydrapulper Equipment

Type: ZDSD28

Normal Volume: 30m3

Consistency: 3%-5%

Production Capacity: 230-280t/d

Motor Power: 280kw

Customer Information

Customer: Shanxi, China

Time: March, 2018

Project: 300TPD High Strength Corrugated Paper Making

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