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Ukraine 130T/D Tube Paper Production Line


For Ukraine 130t/d tube paper production line, the paper pulping equipment are delivered to Ukraine paper mill by Leizhan. The paper pulping equipment include BFW1400 chain conveyor、ZDSD26 D-Type Hydrapulper, ZSC5 High density cleaner and so on.

Chain Conveyor& D-Type Hydrapulper

BFW1400 Chain Conveyor

Chain Plate Width: 1400mm

Feeding Capacity: 80-255m3/h

Max.limit Of Material: 1200mm

Motor Power: 7.5kw

ZDSD26 D-Type Hydrapulper

Normal Volume: 20m3

Consistency: 3-5%

Production Capacity: 140-180t/d

Motor Power: 185kw

Customer Information

Customer: Ukraine

Time: August, 2017

Project: 130T/D Tube Paper Production Line

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