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Vietnam 220TPD Kraft Paper Making Project


Vietnam order Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment for 220tpd kraft paper making project. In October, 2017, Leizhan successfully deliver the paper pulping equipment including 25m3 D-type hydrapulper, high density cleaner, low density cleaner, screening equipment, pulp pump to Vietnam paper mill.

Why Choose D-Type Hydrapulper?

1. D-Type hydrapulper can suitable for all raw material.

2. New type energy-saving VOKES rotor strengths hydraulic circulation and fiber relief.

3. D-type structure changes slurry flow ways, high pulping efficiency.

25m3 D-Type Hydrapulper Equipment

Normal Volume: 25m3

Consistency: 3-5%

Production Capacity: 80-120t/d

Motor Power: 160kw

Customer Information

Customer: Vietnam Paper Mill

Time: September, 2017

Project: 220TPD Kraft Paper Making Project

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