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150tpd T Paperboard Making Equipment


The T Paperboard Making Machine is applied to produce T paper and paperboard of 150tpd capacity, which is an energy-saving paper production line for paper plant to start T and paperboard making business.

3800mm T Paper Machine Details

Paper type: T paper, Paperboard

Clear width: 3800mm

Gram weight: 110-200gsm

Working speed: 100-180m / min

Designed speed: 200m / min

Production Capacity: 150tpd

Gauge: 4800mm

Net width: 4200mm

Drive mode: AC variable frequency drive

Power: 647KW

According to the feedback of our customer, the T paper produced by this 150tpd T Paperboard Making Equipment has good smoothness. So, if you want to produce T Paperboard with small capacity and high quality, 150tpd T Paperboard Equipment is an ideal machine.

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