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2400mm Kraft Paper Making Machine

Paper recycling to new paper making is a big project, it not only needs human and material resources, but also requires professional machine to process. 2400mm Kraft Paper Making Machine is mainly used for producing kraft and corrugated paper by big and complex project.

Main Tech Data

Raw material: waste paper, old cardboard, etc.

Product paper: Kraft paper, Corrugated paper

Basis weight: 80—250g/m²

Net paper width: 2400mm

Working speed: 50—120m/min

Production capacity: 25-30t/d

Drive way: AC variable frequency, section drive

Power: 220, 380v/50~60HZ

Steam: 0.3MPa

Factory area: 200-250m²

We supply turn-key pulping line with paper making machine, and our engineers will design the size and speed of machine according to your requirement about capacity. Welcome to consult in any time: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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