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2500mm Kraft Paper Making Line Machine

More and more people around the world choose kraft paper for various packaging supplies. To meet the needs of customers, our company provides 2500mm kraft paper making line machine. In addition, we also provide high quality and affordable stock preparation system equipment for kraft paper project. Here are some details.

Kraft Paper Making Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, etc
Output paper: kraft paper, testliner board paper, liner board paper, etc.
Production capacity: 90 tpd
Trimmed width: 2500 mm
Basis weight: 110 gsm
Operating speed: 230 m/min

Our company’s 2500mm kraft paper making line machine is adopted in many paper mill projects. Of course, according to your requirements, our engineers can design papermaking equipment with different trimmed widths and production capacitie. If you have any questions about our machinery,  you are welcome to email us at your free time.

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