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40TPD Kraft Liner Board Paper Machine

In recent years, the demand for packaging materials has continued to grow. As one of the important packaging materials, kraft paper is urgently needed by many paper mills. According to their requirements, our company produced a 40tpd kraft liner board paper machine, which has high efficiency, low cost, and produces high-quality kraft paper.

Kraft Liner Paper Making Line Details

1. Stock preparation line machine(overview)
D Type Hydrapulper – High Density Cleaner – High Density Cleaner – Vibrating Screen – Low Density Cleaner – Mid Consistency Fine Screen – Inclined Thickener
2. Kraft liner board paper machine
Raw material: waste paper
Finish paper: kraft paper, liner paper
Production capacity: 40t/d
Trimmed width: 1880 – 2880mm
Basis weight: 80 – 220gsm

Our company also offers complete set of 40tpd kraft liner board paper making line machine, including stock preparation line machine and papermaking equipment. You will get more details by contacting us,

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