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Basic Information About Egg Tray Machine

The egg tray machine is a general term for the manufacture of pulp egg tray machines for long-distance transport of eggs. And it is needed by many egg tray manufacturers, egg tray is always keeps its heat among paper industry.

Application And Constitute

Scope: Egg laying farms, egg laying duck farms, goose farms, hatcheries, supermarkets, egg sales markets, civilians, food factories, etc.

Institutional composition: The components are: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic three parts. Mechanical transmission mainly includes connecting rod drive, crankshaft drive, sheave drive, chain drive and gear transmission.

Product Classification

1. According to size: Small egg tray machine, medium egg tray machine, large egg tray machine.

2. According to working mode: Semi-automatic egg tray machine, automatic egg tray machine.

Failure Analysis

1. Machinery: mechanical track angular iron slide, single arm bearing slide, slide rail track, mechanical components are simple and clear, easy to find fault has been repaired.

2. Electrical: In the first part, if there is a medium-interrupted electrical appliance, the less electrical appliance, the lower failure rate.

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