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Furrow Pressing In Paper Making Process

Many paper machines have now switched to furrow pressing instead of vacuum pressing. Furrow Pressing is an improved pressing developed in the late 1950s. The structure form of furrow pressing is that the upper roll is stone roll and the lower roll is rubber roller.

Comparison Between Furrow Press And Ordinary Press

1. Compared with ordinary press, the furrow press is easy to dehydrate, the line pressure is lower when pressing, and the thickness of the glue layer is increased. Therefore, the middle height of roller can be reduced, and the moisture on both sides of the paper is prevented from being high and uneven, and the tendons are generated. The direction of blankets and wet paper is also important when pressing.

2. At the press outlet, the wet paper should be separated from felt as soon as possible, and the felt should be separated from the fluted roll to prevent the moisture from returning to the felt and wet sheet.

3. It is necessary to keep the groove of the furrow press clean to prevent clogging, and pay attention to the elimination of water in the ditch. When the speed of paper machine is high, the groove roller needs to be equipped with soft scraper to remove the high pressure water rushing from the roll groove to the roll surface.

After the press rubber roller of the circular wire paper machine is changed into the furrow roller, the linear pressure is increased without embossing phenomenon. At the same time, the moisture of press paper sheet is decreased, and the speed of paper locomotive is increased, and the better effect is obtained. Stainless steel furrow rollers are widely used because they are not easily deformed. However, it is necessary to prevent problems such as press vibration or too obvious printing on paper.

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