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Grapple In Paper Pulping System

For paper mill project, such as kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper making line, grapple can be used in paper pulping system before paper machine. As a manufacturer, we have two type of grapple with attractive price.

High Quality Grapple In Paper Pulping System

1. One type
This grapple is mainly used for grabbing large impurities from sediment well.
It has feature of four “petal”.
2. Another grapple
It directly grabs huge amount of light impurities from pulper’s barrel.
Reduce deslagging time, greatly improve the pulper working efficiency.
3. Advantages
High quality, perfect performance.
Improve efficiency for pulping process.
Certification with ISO, CE, etc.

About grapple, it has been installed in paper pulping system from customers’ paper production line. For paper mill project, we also provide full pulp and paper equipment. Welcome to email or message us for price.

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