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Heating Pressing For Paper Making

Press section is a very important section for paper making machine, which is placed between wire section and drying section. And the heating pressing is a common press method, that is a measure to increase the temperature of wet paper sheet in press section to enhance press dewatering.

How To Increase Wet Paper Temperature

1. It is can be concluded with three methods to increase wet paper temperature: reduce the flow resistance of fluid, reduce compression resistance of fiber and reduce moisture recovery effect.

2. The flow resistance decreases as the viscosity of water decreases, so heating is beneficial to promote dehydration efficiency. When the temperature of wet paper sheet is raised to 60~65℃, the hemicellulose and lignin start to soften, and compression resistance of wet paper sheet fiber layer is also reduced, and more water can be pressed and removed from the nip.

3. In addition, with temperature increasing and surface tension of water reducing, and the moisture return of wet paper sheet after the nip is also decreases.

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