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High Quality Pressure Screen For Paper Pulp

In paper making process, high quality pressure screen from our company can be used for paper pulp making line. One of the equipment is M.C. pressure screen.

M.C. pressure screen is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp. The inlet pulp consistency: 1-4%, and the screen slot size: 0.10-0.55mm.

Features Of High Quality Pressure Screen For Paper Pulp Making Line

1. Work stably and safely, operate easily.
2. High efficiency, energy-saving, great stability, less maintenance.
3. Best device: automatic oil injection, seal water flow automatic detection alarm device, interlock system, etc.
4. 10 model to meet your production demand.

This high quality pressure screen also has long service life, and has been used in paper project. For paper pulp making line, we also have complete set of machinery with attractive cost and better output.

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