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How To Adjust Transmission Ratio Of Rewinder

In order to keep rewinder be able to operate normally and in a good production state, every component should be complete and no damage. Equally important is the reasonable adjustment and control of transmission ratio of the whole machine. When the rewinding machine is produced, the original paper web is conveyed by five transmission rollers and belts, which is paper feeding belt, curved roller, rear platen roller, front platen roller, winding roller, and etc. Each of the base papers is thin, the elongation is limited, and the transmission speed ratio is unstable, the paper web is easy to wrinkle and be broken during the continuous acceleration and deceleration operation of the rewinder. Reasonable adjustment and control of the speed of each drive roller and paper feed belt can greatly reduce the broken of paper web. The key adjustment methods are as follows.

Methods To Adjust

1.The rewinder stabilizes the paper feed belt to convey the line speed of the original paper web. In order to achieve a stable transmission effect, the speed of the winding roller can be slowed down by gradually adjusting the speed ratio of the main gearbox.
2.After the rewinder adjusts the paper-pressing paper gap, the paper web is naturally transferred smoothly between the paper feeding belt and the winding roller.
3.Adjust the curved shaft behind the punching knife. The curved shaft is finally stretched as a smooth transition axis before the web is wound up. The position of the position and the working arc size not only affect the smoothness of the paper web, but also affect the stability of the web transport.
4.The winder adjusts the internal toothed chain and the external chain of the main gearbox to make the transmission of the whole machine more stable. By tightening its internal and external chains, the chain can be prevented from slipping and skipping, making the speed ratio more stable during frequent acceleration and deceleration. The tensioned upper chain of the toothed chain can be moved up and down by a tool of about 5 to 8 mm.

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