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How To Save Energy In Paper Making Process?


In paper making process, energy saving mostly is related to improving drying efficiency and reusing waste heat, so how to do it for saving energy in paper making process?

Energy Saving In Paper Industry

1. Wet dewatering optimization: Usually, the energy consumption of press section is five times more than forming section for dewatering 1kg water, and the energy consumption of dryer section is 25 times more than forming section. Therefore, for energy saving, the optimal distribution of dehydration in forming section, press section and dryer section should be strengthened.

2. Dry dew point control: Dew point in the gas hood determines the heat exchange efficiency, thermal efficiency is also affected by the fan. Strengthen the measurement and control of the dew point in paper machine gas hood to optimize the heat exchange efficiency in drying process, can save energy. At the same time, optimizing gas hood control, can provide better drying quality and more uniform product quality.

3. Paper machine vacuum system optimization: Each paper machine has vacuum pump and vacuum system, the consuming power of paper machine vacuum system is proportionable with drive paper machine. Therefore, by strengthening the paper machine vacuum pumping demand, vacuum degree and other optimized configuration, in the same total amount of dehydration, can save more energy.

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