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Hydrapulper Machine In Paper Pulping

For paper mill production line, we provide hydrapulper machine in paper pulping line, which contains D type pulper, drum pulper, H.C hydrapulper, etc. As a manufacturer, we also have whole paper pulp making equipment and paper machine.

Hydrapulper Machine In Paper Pulping Line

1. D type pulper
It can used for paper pulping. You can use pulp board, broken paper, and all kinds of waste paper as raw material. The production capacity is from 30t/d to 1200t/d.
2. Drum pulper
This hydrapulper can continuously pulp, preliminarily screen, simplify process, etc. It has advantages of energy-saving, getting accept pulp with higher quality, less maintenance, etc.
3. H.C. hydrapulper
It is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink consistency in waste paper deinking process. For tissue paper making or cultural paper mill project, it plays an important role in pulping line.

All of the above machinery has the certification with ISO, CE, etc. And our hydrapulper machine has been installed in paper pulping line for paper mill. For price and details, welcome to email or message us.

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