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Kraft Paper Making


Kraft Paper use waste paper, virgin pulp as material to make high strength paper for packing material, usually is yellowish-brown, it’s widely used for Paper bags, envelopes and so on.

Kraft Paper Feature

1. Strong tension, good intensity;

2. The paper is even and smooth;

3. Extensive use with high bursting strength;

Kraft Paper Using Case

1. Hand Bag: In the some sports brand shops to buy clothing, shoes, they provide the bag, the box is basically made of kraft paper.

2. Packing Box: At present, kraft paper are widely used for some cellphone boxes, food packing and so on.

Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft paper machine use waste paper, white shavings, virgin pulp as material to make high quality kraft paper board.

Trimmed Width(mm): 1880-5800

Basic Weight Range(GSM): 80-200

Operating Speed(m/min): 150-800

Production Capacity(TPD): 45-750

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