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Liner Board Paper Making Line

Our liner board paper making line machine has been adopted in many paper mill, which has advantages of high efficiency, less energy consumption.

Liner Board Paper Making Line Specification

Wire end: After the fine pulp enters the headbox, it is evenly spread along the felt at the wire end.
Press part: Press the felt with press rolls to squeeze out the moisture in the pulp as much as possible.
Dryer part: The dryer part is arranged in groups to ensure that the dryer part can run at a gradually reduced speed to compensate for the shrinkage of the paper during drying. It reduces the water content of the discharge to about 6%.
Calender part: Calender can make the paper surface more smooth and shiny. What’s more, it can also guarantee the consistency of paper thickness. The pressure exerted by the rolls on the web affects the finish of the paper.
Coating: Sizing increases the water resistance of the paper, reduces its ability to fluff, reduces abrasion, and improves its printability and surface bond strength.
Rewinding part: In order to facilitate transportation and conveying, we use a rewinding machine to shape the product into rolls, and use a slitting machine to cut the product into multiple strips to meet customer requirements.

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