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Main Factors Affecting Bulk Of Paper And Paperboard

High bulk means that decreasing quantification and reducing fiber volum to save cost in a certain bulk of paper and paperboard. Therefore, the bulk is filled with essential meaning to cost control, product performance and added value of paper and paperboard. The main factors affecting the bulk of paper and paperboard include paper fiber material, slurry type, beating operation, packing, chemicals, pressing, drying, calendering, etc.

Main Factors Affecting Bulk

1.Paper fiber material, generally speaking, the high thickness fiber, the high bulk.
2.Beating operation, beating can increase fiber elasticity and deformation, improve bonding strength and tightness, reduce the bulk. Because the beating is mainly done by paper filter water and paper strength properties are determined.
3.Packing, fillers are widely used in uncoated printing writing papers and coated printing papers because of their price advantage to the slurry. The fillers bring benefits to paper optical properties, opacity, printability and so on.
4.Chemicals, in general, the bulk additive is also called a debonding agent, and the debonding agent is generally a tertiary amine or a quaternary ammonium salt. The debonding agent molecule is hydrophobic and hydrophilic and acts as a surfactant.
5.Pressing, the main purpose of the press is to dewater, but also to take into account the other performance requirements of the paper. If the bulk is not required, the pressure should be minimized within the allowable range to ensure the final quality of the paper.
6.Calendering, which includes hard calendering and soft calendering, all of that are used to improve the smoothness of the paper surface.

Bulk thickness is a very important property of paper and paperboard. High-density paper and paperboard can maintain the necessary stiffness, reduce fiber consumption and save slurry cost.

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