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Multi-cylinder Testliner Paper Machine Cost

For kraft testliner paper mill, we provide multi-cylinder testliner paper machine with attractive cost. In addition to this, our whole paper making line also can be used for your project, including stock preparation system.

Multi-cylinder Testliner Paper Machine Cost & Specification

Raw material: waste paper
Trimme width: 1880 – 5800mm
Production capacity: 30 – 750t/d
Basis weight: 80 – 220gsm
Operating speed: 150 – 800m/min
Output paper: testliner paper, kraft paper, cardboard paper
Cost: cheaper and higher quality than others
Advantages: save energy, reduce maintenance, improve efficiency, run stably, etc.

Our complete kraft testliner paper production line contains paper pulp making system and paper equipment, such as hydrapulper, cleaner, coarse screen, fine screen, refiner, etc.

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