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OCC Paper Pulping System Machine Supplier

In carton board making process, people always use OCC as material to produce kraft paper as the top or bottom layer. For this, we supply OCC paper pulping system machine. After using it, customers said we were a excellent manufacturer and supplier for paper mill.

OCC Paper Pulping System Machine Details

D type hydrapulper
High density cleaner
Coarse screen
Reject separator
High density cleaner
Fine screen
Inclined thickener
Pre-machine screen

Leizhan Manufacturer & Supplier Information

Over the 40 years since the establishment, we have did everything within our capacity to provide all kinds of machine for paper mill production line. In sum, more and more customers choose to cooperate with us.

About the price and details of occ paper pulping system machine, or Leizhan supplier, welcome to contact us for your paper mill project. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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