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OCC Waste Paper Recycling Machine

OCC waste paper recycling machine can be used for kraft paper mill production line. There are many customers who has already adopted it in their paper project. Here is a true case from their paper mill.

OCC Waste Paper Recycling Machine Details

1. Project
OCC waste paper recycling line
Kraft paper making line
2. Production capacity: 40t/d
3. OCC waste paper recycling process
D Type Hydrapulper – High Density Cleaner – Fiber Separator – Vibrating Screen – Low Density Cleaner – Mid Consistency Fine Screen – Incliner Thickener
4. Advantages
Concise waste paper recycling system.
Energy-saving effect, high efficiency.
Perfect fiber recovery rate, stable operation.

About OCC waste paper recycling machine, our engineer can design the specific process depend on your demand. For paper mill, our paper plant unit also have great cost.

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