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Packaging Paper Kraft Paper Making Line Equipment

As we all know, packaging paper, like kraft paper, has many applications in various fields. Leizhan company provides packaging paper kraft paper making line equipment for paper mill. We can provide a complete set of stock preparation line equipment for pulping, cleaning and screening.

Kraft Paper Making Line Equipment

Conveying machine: Chain Conveyor
Pulper equipment: Drum Pulper, Hydrapulper, Drum Screen
Cleaner equipment: High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator
Screening equipment: Middle Consistency Pressure Screen, inflow pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen, Inclined Screen,
Refiner equipment: Double Disc Refiner, Conical Refiner

For information about kraft paper making machine or our stock preparation line equipment, our professionals will also provide you with pricing and other details. Feel free to send us an email.
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