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Paper Machine Dryer Section


Paper Machine Dryer Section is connected with press section for drying the paper sheet to make finished paper, for making good quality paper, there are some manufacturing tips about paper mill dryer section.

Paper Mill Dryer Section Design

1. The dryer section is composed of the front dryer section and the after dryer section, the sizing part is between the two drying sections, the dryer cylinder arrangement is divided into single row and double row.

2. The dryer section drying capacity is based on the paper machine production, the maximum tension of the dryer wire is 5kN/m, Count 11 dryer wire.

3. Dryer Cylinder 51 sets (1830mm) Width (6250mm)+33 sets VAC dryer cylinder(1500mm).

Paper Mill Dryer Section Tips

1. Single Row Dryer Cylinder: The paper sheet is heated and dried between the dryer wire and the dryer cylinder, the dryer wire wound on the vacuum roll, and the paper sheet is close to the dryer wire, the vacuum inside the vacuum roll will make the vacuum roll suction to the dryer wire.

2. Double Row Dryer Cylinder: In the double-row dryer cylinder, the top row dryer cylinder and the bottom dryer cylinder are hot cylinder with high temperature steam , the paper sheet is heated and dried between the dryer wire and the dryer cylinder when through the dryer cylinder.

3. The paper sheet is dried in the dryer cylinder section.

4. The dryer wire supports the paper sheet in full length in dryer cylinder.

5. Drying method is conduction-convection.

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