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Paper Machine Dryer Section Operation


Paper machine dryer section is important for paper quality to improve paper dryness, and paper contraction can be controlled in dryer section of paper machine. The important method of controlling dryer section paper sheet contraction is that controlling the traction for paper sheet and dryer felt tension in drying process.

Dryer Section Operation

1. The production of translucent paper, it should be given a large traction and dryer felt tension, so that both sides of the paper can not fully shrink, so, the shrinkage of water loss will occur in paper thickness, paper thin, help to improve transparency.

2. For map paper and color printing paper, it is also required to control the paper sheet shrinkage in dryer section to reduce telescopic deformation of the paper. So in the dryer section should also be appropriate to tighten dryer felt, and increase the traction to reduce the wet paper in the vertical and horizontal shrinkage in drying process. In addition, also can use an arc roller to flatten paper sheet to reduce transversal shrinkage.

3. For paper bag paper, increasing the longitudinal elongation and toughness to increase its rupture strength, that is more important than increasing its tensile strength. Therefore, should dry the wet paper without any external constraint as much as possible, so that the paper can be sufficiently contracted in longitudinal and transverse directions.

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