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Paper Machine Vacuum Transfer System


High speed paper machine ususlly adopt the vacuum transfer system for paper sheet transfering due to its high speed.

In order to transfer the paper sheet, the forming wire go through the vacuum roller, there is a tilt angle about 45 ° straight line, wet paper sheet is suck from the forming section by vacuum guiding roller with the combination of vacuum and capillary, and attached to the felt, and then through the paper sheet transfer press, the wet paper sheet is transferred to the first press felt, and then into the second press.

Paper Machine Vacuum Transfer Notes

1. The ratio of the wire section and the first press should be controlled below 0.3 to 0.5%, because the large speed ratio can increase the elongation of wet paper sheet, thereby reduce the wet paper sheet strength, and the paper will be pulled off. But the press section speed is not lower than the wire speed, or wet sheet paper will appear curling and wrinkling.

2. Due to the vacuum transfer system is driven by a multi-motor, it is required that the roller speed to be basically the same, speed of the relevant motor should not exceed ± 0.3%, otherwise it will not only seriously affect the paper quality and normal papermaking, but also damage the felt and forming section.

3. It is important to clean and remove the fibers and fillers in the felt. Debris block the felt pores, will reduce the felt drainability and openness, thus affecting the felt effect of
attaching and transfering paper sheet.

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