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Paper Making Equipment Kraft Liner Board Machine

Kraft Liner Board Machine is the one of paper making machines we produce, but we not just supply this kind of machine, such as Corrugated Paper Machine, Living Paper Making Machine and Cultural Paper Machine we can offer as well.

What Can Kraft Liner Board Machine Do?

Paper Making Equipment Kraft Liner Board Machine is mainly used for making noodle box cardboard and corrugated base paper. The paper machine is can be divided into several parts: headbox, long wire section, press section, ront drying section, diagonal surface sizer, post-drying section, calendering section, and coiling section.

Technology Parameters About Kraft Liner Board Machine

Model: two-fold wire
Paper stock width: 420-1250mm
Paper tube length: 400-1400mm
Base paper weight: 70-160g/m
Unwinding maximum diameter: φ1200mm
Base material core diameter: φ76mm
Maximum making speed: 108m/min
Total machine power: 7.5kw
Machine weight: approx. 5000kg
Machine size: two layers L7000*W1700*H1700mm/four layers L15000*W1700*H2000mm

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