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Paper Making Process


High quality paper in paper making process is very important for paper making mills, it will directly influence paper industry paper sale, so what influencing factors will affect the finished paper quality?

Paper Influence Factors

1. Pulp Type: Different types pulp is different in the physical structure and chemical composition, in general, chemical wood pulp with largest fiber binding capacity, followed by cotton pulp, mechanical wood pulp is the worst.

2. Hemicellulose Effect: Hemicellulose-containing pulp is easier to beat, and the binding force between fibers is greater. But if the hemicellulose content is too high, it’s bad for pulping and paper making.

3. Cellulose Effect: The cellulose molecular chain length is long, the fiber is strong, and beating is not easy to cut off, the binding force will be larger.

4. Lignin Effect: Pulp with more lignin, not easy to beat, poor fiber binding force.

5. Papermaking Additives Effect: The addition of hydrophilic substances in the pulp, such as starch, protein, plant gum, will increase the fiber binding force.

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