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Paper Making Sizing Process


Paper sizing is needed in paper making line, according to the different paper sizing effect, sizing method is divided into two kinds of internal sizing and surface sizing.

Paper Sizing Types

Paper Surface Sizing: The surface sizing is that a thin sizing coated on the paper surface to make the paper has a anti-wetting performance.

Paper Internal Sizing: The internal sizing is to add the sizing to the pulp, and then making paper and paperboard with anti-wetting.

Paper Surface Sizing Effect

1. Increase the paper water-resistance and surface strength, can reduce the paper wool loss phenomenon in the offset print.

2. Increase the paper erasability, surface sizing can reduce the penetration of ink, and thus easy to wipe the ink, increasing the paper abrasion resistance.

3. Increase the paper strength, such as bursting, folding endurance and tensile strength.

4. Reduce the paper two-sidedness and deformation.

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