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Paper Mill Stock Preparation System

The stock preparation system of a paper mill is an important component of the paper making process. It involves processing of raw materials like waste paper, to produce homogeneous fibrous raw material suitable for paper machines. The main goal is to create a consistent and high quality pulp mix that meets the required specifications for the specific paper grade being produced. Here are some of the key components and processes involved in a stock preparation system

Stock Preparation System Machine

Conveying: pulp is transported from storage to the stock preparation area using conveyors or pneumatic systems.
Cleaning and Screening: high density cleaner: these remove heavy contaminants like sand and stones. pressure screen: screens remove smaller impurities and oversize particles, allowing only desired fiber sizes to pass through.
Consistency Control: chemicals may be added to control the consistency (the percentage of solids) of the pulp.
Refiners: pulp is mechanically treated in refiners to improve fiber quality, promote fibrillation, and enhance bonding properties.
Storage Chests: intermediate storage vessels hold refined pulp before it’s fed to the paper machine.
Headbox: the approach flow system leads to the headbox, where the pulp is uniformly distributed onto the forming fabric of the paper machine.

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