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Paper Pulp Pressure Screen Machine

For paper mill project, such as paper making line, waste paper recycling process, our paper pulp pressure screen machine, mid consistency pressure screen, is widely adopted by customers. It has attractive cost and high efficiency.

Paper Pulp Pressure Screen Machine Details

1. Some specification
Equipment: M.C. pressure screen
Type: ZNS series
Role: used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.
Production capacity: screen hole: 50 – 1500t/d, screen slot: 30 – 1100t/d
Inlet pulp consistency: 1 – 4%
2. Advantages
Saving energy consumption up to 25%;
Remove high-quality impurities under gravity;
Improve the efficiency of screening and better remove stickies;
Reduces the wear on the rotor and the screen drum, and prolong the service life;
Stronger adaptability and lower thickening coefficient, it can effectively reduce fiber loss and clogging.

Our paper pulp pressure screen machine contains M.C. pressure screen and inflow pressure screen before paper machine. For paper mill project, welcome to contact us for its cost.

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