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Paper Recycled 1760mm Carton Making Machine

1760mm Carton paper making machine is used for 20t/d kraft paper and carton paper making, which has been in many small package paper mill to manufacture paper. Many customers of our company are praise this production line as the products provided by us bring them rich benefits.

Carton Making Equipment Tech Features

Raw material: Waste paperboard, Old carton

Output paper: Kraft paper, Carton paper

Net paper width: 1760mm

Basis weight: 80-200g/m²

Production capacity: 15-20T/D

Design speed: 120m/min

Working speed: 50-100m/min

Track: 2600mm

Transmission mode: partial transmission, AC frequency conversion control

Whether you are plan to produce carton, package paper, or manufacture kraft paper bag, or paper cup, the whole stock preparation line can be provided by us. Welcome to consult: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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