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Pulp Agitator For Paper Mill

In pulp and paper industry, our hot sale pulp agitator has won high praise for paper mill production line. And more and more people have adopted it in their project. Most importantly, they got perfect effect.

Hot Sale Pulp Agitator For Paper Mill

1. Agitator
It also can be named as propeller, mixer, etc.
The application is to stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition.
2. Features
It can ensure pulp components even distribution. You also could adjust its angle according to the slurry consistency.
3. Some specification
Model: JB series
Consistency: equal or less than 5%

Our hot sale pulp agitator has advantages of high efficiency, stable running, strong thrust and less energy consumption. For paper mill production line, we also supply other equipment.

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