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Repair And Disassemble For Paper Machine Bearing

Among paper making equipment, the bearing is an important component, which has an effect on the production efficiency of paper making machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check and maintain timely, and pay attention to the operating procedures when assembling the bearing.


First, hook the pull hook of puller to the inner ring of bearing when assembling, paying attention to that, not outer ring, which is in order to prevent the bearing from loosening or damage;

Second, align puller screw with the center hole oblique net paper machine of shaft to prevent pull hook from slipping off, pay attention to the force of pull hook and bearing, and don’t damage pull hook and the bearing of multi-cylinder paper machine, so that the angle of puller should be less than 90 degrees as much as possible;

Third, push the bearing by pusher, and the press method of pusher includes manual, mechanical and hydraulic. When pushing, the pressing point of press should be at the center of shaft. It should not be biased and to ensure stable and reliable, and prevent damage to the bearing and machine.

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